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Job Placements

Vision Academy has an excellent Placement record. All of its offices are equipped with full-fledged Placement Teams stationed across the country. For students, Vision Academy conducts inductions, counseling & mock interview sessions to prepare them for job interviews with airlines & airports.

Additionally, Vision academy offers the best aviation courses, internships, co-op programs, or other work-study options that can help students gain valuable experience and make connections in the industry. A successful career in the fascinating world of aviation can be launched by enrolling in classes at the Vision Aviation Academy.


An aviation academy’s effectiveness is greatly influenced by its infrastructure, which provides the tools students need to train and learn efficiently.

Vision Academy trains students in the same environment in which they will have to work in the aviation industry. For this, the Academy has invested in world-class infrastructure facilities and the best aviation courses. For instance, students of cabin crew courses receive ‘live’ training in actual aircraft, while beauty & grooming sessions are held in classrooms fitted with the latest equipment & designed to look like salons.

High-quality infrastructure can enhance the learning experience and enable students to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen careers. Investing in infrastructure is essential for aviation courses to provide top-notch education and training for the next generation of aviation professionals.

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Quality education

Vision Academy gives great importance to high standards of education. We focus on providing updated aviation courses/ material, high-quality learning aids & specially trained faculty to conduct aviation courses. In Vision Academy, Quality education is a top priority as it is essential for producing skilled and knowledgeable aviation professionals.

We employ experienced and knowledgeable instructors who have worked in the aviation industry and can provide real-world insights to students. Overall, we are committed to quality education as it is essential to prepare students for successful careers in the dynamic and challenging field of aviation.


Aviation academies can boast a range of achievements, including producing successful graduates who have gone on to work in various sectors of the aviation industry.

More than 470 IATA Global Training Partners are evaluated on various criteria, such as the number of students trained, the quality of the training delivered determined by examination pass rate and Thirteen global training partners have been selected as Premium Circle winners from IATA’s prestigious training partners recognition program.

Additionally, Vision academy has received recognition and awards for its contributions to the aviation industry, such as recognition for outstanding training programs, innovative teaching methods, and improved aviation courses. Our achievements in aviation demonstrate the critical role they play in training the next generation of skilled and knowledgeable aviation professionals. Vision has successfully ranked in the top thirteen IATA Institutes around the world

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International Careers

The aviation industry has excellent growth prospects both in India & internationally. Thousands of jobs have opened up at every level & airlines/ airports are looking for talented, trained people in every role – from airport management to ticketing, from cabin crew to cargo handling & ground staff.

Students who attend Vision academy may have the chance to study and train with peers from other backgrounds and states, which can open up networking opportunities and provide worthwhile cultural experiences. In conclusion, enrolling for a Aviation Courses might be a terrific way to get ready for a lucrative worldwide career in the exciting and dynamic industry of aviation.

Here are some more reasons why students should consider joining Vision Academy Aviation Courses:

  1. Career opportunities: The need for competent workers in the aviation sector is high, as it is expanding rapidly. Students can obtain any training necessary to pursue a career by enrolling in any interested aviation courses.
  2. Hands-on training: Students that attend vision academy receive practical instruction according to the aviation courses opted for. This gives students the chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual situations, preparing them for any difficulties they may encounter in the future.
  3. Networking opportunities: Airlines and other aviation businesses frequently associate with Vision academy, giving students the chance to network and form important relationships. Internships, job offers, and other career opportunities may result from these contacts.
  4. High-quality education: To address the specific requirements of the aviation sector, Vision academy provides specialised aviation courses and training programs. This implies that students get a top-notch education that is especially suited to their professional aspirations.
  5. Personal growth: The decision to enroll in an aviation academy can significantly touch a  person’s life and help them develop both professionally and personally. As they pursue their goals, they will have the chance to test their limits, learn new things, and grow more self-assured.

Overall, enrolling in aviation courses at the Vision Academy can be a great decision for individuals who want to work in the aviation sector. Our academy can assist students in achieving their objectives and realising their full potential by giving them the abilities, information, and experience necessary for success.